December 13, 2005

This was supposed to be a secret…

I am moving elsewhere.


Me and You and Everyone We Know

December 12, 2005

I just finished watching the movie Me and You and Everyone We Know with a few friends. Shortly after we all half-heartedly tried to dissect the film and its themes. We made a little progress, but I want to continue the thinking process. The following are themes (I find) in the movie.

  1. Technology: art, cell phones, picture frames that say “I love you.” How does technology define humanity?
  2. Gender roles: the girl with the dowry… she lived her life for her future husband and daughter. Her father was almost literally edited out of her life. There is one scene that I noticed immediately in which this girl is sitting on the ground between two pink slides that together are undeniably a part of the female anatomy.
  3. Sexuality and sexual development: the two young ladies who perform fellation on the young boy. Although it sounds perverted, the film makes it seem very innocent. Kids just want to know what sex is like; how it works, how to be good at it, what it feels like, etc.
  4. Love and its role within all of the aforementioned themes, i.e. how does love “work” in our modern technological society? Is love enhanced by technology? Or is it restrained? Or neither? And does it matter?

I took a class once (taught by my favorite professor of all time) called Film & Religion and I have seen movies in a new light ever since. Thank you, MJD.

That last statement makes me wish I was taking classes I like again. Maybe next semester.